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TMK•S or TMK•SE •Mixed Row lnline Fan - TMK•S or TMK•SE •Mixed Row lnline Fan

Brand: Surf


  • Volume Ran99:    SOCFM-2400CFM
  • Pressure Range: 4.2' ' -0.25' '
  • PoworRMge:        40w-1000W
  • Certification:           CGQT1951.CE, ETL



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  • All Mott cle!l"1construction.Cooosim resistanl and baked


  • The fan Is compact. solis easyto D'8Jtalion and repair.
  • ItiS OOSigned ICf direct oonnoetion I)lil'lewih &t.Ydard <ia.meter

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  • MO: type al Impeller, hl'1!efflcleR:y and low noise.
  • Siletrt type wif'I ECor AC lel:Mology