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Brand: Surf

The cabinet of the steel lab bench, made from domestic high quality cold-roll steel sheets, 1.0-1.2mm thick, receives CNC laser cutting, Japan Amada CNC bending, gas shielded welding and polishing to shape the form, adopts 7 pickling and phosphating processes, chemical rust protection treatment to prevent corrosion of acid and alkali. Then, the surface is applied high temperature resistant epoxy resin and electrostatic powder spraying, with excellent bearing performance and long longevity. The product has beautiful appearance and supreme bearing performance, with high quality anti-corrosion of  acid and alkali performance.


Imported FGV hinge applied, the hidden steel ball slide rails/underpin, and the silent three-section guide rails; adjustable composite feet; it has the advantages of anti-slip, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and strong bearing capacity, and is more suitable for use in a laboratory environment.


All-steel Reagent Rack

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 Domestic high quality cold-roll steel sheets 1.0- 1.2mm thick is applied, sprayed with high temperature resistant epoxy resin and electrostatic powder. The cabinet is made from wielded bended base material and the board can be relocated and adjusted to fully take use of  the space at the lab.