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Air-Jacketed C02 lncubator - Cl-191 Series

Brand: Crystal Europe

Crysta l Tec hnology& lnd ust ries offe rs a n a dva nced a ir-ja c keted C02 incubato r C l-191, w hich provides a cc urate, reprod ucible ce ll c ulture co nditio ns for

micro biology w ith high te mperat ure uniformity.

Tha nks to t he reliable micro processo r co ntro lle r, w hich e nsures t he bacte ria a nd s pores a re e liminated by a dva nc ed ster ilizatio n tec hno logy.

Th e unique, dee p-d raw n sta inless stee l c ha mber has no built-in obst ructions a nd ma kes it ea sy to c lea n. Crysta l C02 incubator s a re w idely a pplied in t he resea rc h of micro biology, pha rmaceutica l, e nvironmenta l, c linica l la bo rato ry

a nd ot her sc ientific fie Ids.                                                             695mm


  • High ca pacity with max. of 191L
  • Sta cka ble up to 2 units
  • 7" ca pacita nce touc h sc reen
  • 6-wa ll dry- heat with precise te mperatur e cont rol
  • Audible a nd visua l a larm for over limit status
  • Door- open protection
  • Mirror gra de sta inless steel cha mber with round cor ner for easy clea n- up
  • Sta inless steel s helves ca n be adju sted
  • Anti Condensation water on the door

Adva nced Tec hnologies

for Cl- 19 1Incubators

Intuitive lnt erf ace

1--RH Display

2--History Alert

3--C02 Display

4--Current Status

5--Temperature Display

6--Set Value

7--Sterilization AutoRun                                                            

8--HEPA Monitoring                                                                  

9--Setup Function

10--Pa rameter Adjustment

Precise Temper ature control

--PIO technology

A dvanced PIO technology provides the most accurate and stable temperature control in the chamber, with less fluctuation. The temperature  uniformity

is better tha n 0.3°C at 37°C  and the

temperature accuracy is O.l°C.

  • Quick temperature recovery reaches to 37°( within 6 minutes. Testing is under 30 seconds of door-opening.

Precise C02 cont rol with 3 IR sensor s

    • 100% USA-made Infrared Sensor, drift free

High precise of C02 contorl keep the C02              

concentration in the range of 0-20%

  • Quick C02 recovery reaches to 5% within 6 minutes. Testing is under 30 seconds of door-opening.

Precise Humidification Control

--Natur al evapor ation method with a humidif ication pan(3l) in chamber

- -To provide a stable and high humidif ication level in the chamber (95% RH at 37°C) .

  • Quick humidity recovery reaches to 95% within 6 minutes. Testing is under 30 seconds of door-opening .

High Temper ature Sterilization-A utomat ica lly Run w ith One Button

--Available in 140°C dry heat or 90°C moist heat sterilization

90 °C   Moist Heat Ster ilization

•Temperature rising to 90°C, ta kes 4 hours

    • Running at 90°C  for 11hours for sterilization

• Cooling to room temperature at 37°C, ta kes 8 hours                                                    

140°C    Dry Heat Ster ilization

•Temperature rising to 140°C, ta kes 2 hours

    • Running at 140°C  for 2 hours for sterilization

• Cooling to room temperature at 37°C, ta kes 9 hours

HEPA f or air purif icat ion-Twice Filtration, More Purification -                                                                                                                          

Built-in HEPA air filtration provides class 100

(ISO class 5) cleanroom air

qualification in the chamber


C02 Orbital Shaker-- ldea l for Use in Cl- 191 Incubators

Up to 2 orbita l shakers ca n be placed into incubator. A nd one unit can be controlled at touch screen by integrating the remote into the incubator. Tchnical Specif icatio n

CO-OGU Magnetic drive C02 orbital shaker

Part No.                                         Cl-191CX           CIB-191CX

Part No.                                      Cl-191CX                  CIB-191CX

Capacity                                                          191L

Max. Load                                                       20kg

s'c above room

Max. Humidity

Humidity Reservoir

Humidity Control Range (Optional)

90% ( @37°C)


Temperature Range

temperature , up to 60 °C

Humidity Control

Accuracy    (Optional)                                     ±5 %

Temperature   Accuracy                               ±O . °C

Temperature     Uniformity                  ±0.3 °C ( @ 37°C) CO,Range


External Dimension (WXDXH)

Internal Dimension

140°C  dry heat        90°C  moistheat 670x 705x1010mm

CO,Accuracy                                                  ±0.1%

(WXDXH)                                             540x515x705 mm

Crysta l Tec hnology & Industr ies Europe Gmb H

Add: Melkerstieg 20, Seevetal 21217 Germany

Tel: +49 (0)4057241951 Email:  Website:

HEPA Monitor:

    • Air qua lification control in cha mber
    • Remaining HEPA lifetime a nd replacement a lert. (Recommend shelf life of HEPA filter is 365 days.)